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High-end branch blue shoebox Vans Vault OG Classic slip-on LX CANVAS "black and white checkerboard" VN-0UDFF8L84


Model: VN-0UDFF8L Black and white chessboard lattice Size: 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 (really standard vulcanization, a larger size!) Dongguan raw material upper color is light beige classic blackboard IG record Repeated shoes outsole DT steel stamp with leather with original small inscription for the high-end leather half-pad VAULT OG high-end leg shoes more full soles thicker insole thicker and more durable and comfortable shoe box distinction common paragraph blue shoes The market value of about 2K must be on the foot XGK 260 LGK 245 -15 230 -15 only 215 The current special 185 only As we all know, it is because in the "Open American School" youth movie, the actor wearing a pair of black and white checkerboard Slip-On Shoes, let Vans swept the United States. Now black and white checkerboard Slip-On is not just classic shoes, Vans Vault from last year will be included in this shoe under the command of OG Slip-On LX, retro high-end version of this pair of classic shoes. The shoe body is still pure white canvas production, before and after the black and white checkerboard, inside the leather to increase comfort, the end of the package more package, to create a more intense sense of vintage
High-end regional blue shoebox Vans Vault OG Classic slip-on LX CANVAS black and white checkerboard lattice VN-0UDFF8L |

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