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Heavy locomotive wind skull joint Blends x Vans Vault Old School STYLE 36 LX Bones23


36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Company-level standards are perfect Blends with multiple stores in Los Angeles have a huge impact on local street culture and Vans fans are no exception. Blends and Vans Vault , Both have been regarded as enthusiastic fans, become a collection. We have previously announced Blends will be re-joint Vans Vault recently, will bring a pair of Style 36 LX. Now, this prophecy has come true, Blends x Vans OG Style 36 LX joint shoes officially announced! This time in the joint name of the continuation of Blends usual "Bones" bones side stripes, which is already the 7th pair of shoes, the seven pairs of shoes without exception, the Vans iconic side stripes Sidestripe replacement Become a bone shape. Shoe body in addition to restore the Old Skool original when the yuan shoes Style 36, will also be used in the Old Skool LX bone shoes on the oil surface leather continue to use in this pair of Style 36, revealing the overall thick locomotive style. Coupled with wax lace, insole also has Blends and Vans Vault both Logo, shoebox will also continue to use special production. XGK 290 LGK 275-15 260 more -15 only 245
Heavy motorcycle wind skull joint Blends x Vans Vault Old School STYLE 36 LX Bones |

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