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GUCCI Ace Embroidered Low-Top Sneaker embroidery series white green red tiger head 15


Size: 35-44 first layer of skin Guangdong factory) tiger head for the GDYC leather inside the small suede small ticket dust bag, business card, card Qi, suitable for purchasing around 5000 Price xgk 400 lgk 385 -15 370 -15 355 GUCCI small white shoes (ACE) 2017 is out of the new, and why GUCCI white shoes so fire? I'll tell you all this! Stars also love it this year's hottest pair of white shoes, Song Qian & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; spring and spring are in wear. However, these shoes will feel more popular in spring 2017, after all, is still very hot! In fact, Gucci embroidery elements and elegant craftsmanship is not only on the clothes, the output of shoes is also very sincere, the classic red, green and white elements mixed rivets, embroidery, beads and other elements, combined with the inspiration of each season different theme transformation, there are always A large number of surrounded by those who will collect. Fall and winter this year, girls change the heart of the series! There are red hearts, pineapples, red lips, put together slightly Meng ~ Gucci Ace series of shoes naturally inspired by the creative director Alessandro Michele, Michellende superficial creativity sway, you can see the scene appeared on the shoes surprising Picture! From the classic hornet, wild rabbit, fish, stars, as long as the enthusiasm of the continuation of summer pineapple fruit, or even decorated with crystal embroidery lightning patterns are extremely dazzling decorated in Gucci famous green and red ribbon logo, In one fell swoop to these exquisite and playful totem decoration, the Ace series of shoes to create a collection of valuable collection version of shoes, editors like pineapple makeup this paragraph, stylish and love to arrest! Worth to buy it
GUCCI Ace Embroidered Low-Top Sneaker embroidery series white green red tiger head |

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