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Big one yards! Company goods! Beams x Have a good time x Vans Old Skool Co-brand shoes "Logo" Beautiful time color V36HAGT49


Model: V36HAGT Size: 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Note: The exact code (female code is too large half yards, male code is too large one yards) (of course, Zhenzheng, stamp, material standard, shoe standard, certificate) At the end of the company 100% real can see the real film Canvas density enough to withstand the winter attention soles Crystal perfect at the end of the new customer 265 old customers 250 support additional 15 = 235 this paragraph market value 2k + this price is the cabbage cabbage Recommended Miao old customers to start BEAMS In 2013 on the theme of "Have a good time" launched the relevant shoes, this year in Japan, Have a good time this brand and the Vans Japan branch cooperation launched this year's joint series This shoe uses Old Skool, Toe and heel with milky suede matte, side cloth on the cloth has a good time classic red and black logo, the same tongue tongue is also replaced by this Logo. Sole bottom of translucent crystal to replace waffle, through the soles can also see the midsole Have a good time Logo. Insoles are also cortical suture
Big one yards! Company goods! Beams x Have a good time x Vans Old Skool joint shoes "Logo" good time color V36HAGT |

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