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17AW VANS Old Skool leather calf material high-end 29


36 36.5 37 38 38.5 39 40 40.5 41 42 42.5 43 44 Material: The first layer of calfskin Process: Vulcanization (weight, the standard, the original stamp, material standard, shoes standard, certificate) DGYC DJZB full range of semi-full 17AW leather The use of selected high-grade leather material production shoe body, in addition to the shoe body no other material, the external retro leather let the texture of the studio, the inside of the leather so incomparable foot feeling. Both have a brown comfort inside and insoles, outsole with pure white, lace and shoes basically the same color. XGK 265 LGK 250-15 235 more -15 only 220
17AW VANS Old Skool leather calf material high-end |

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